Regenerar confgiuracion Iipcp


Howto regenerate the config files (since ispCP 1.0.3)

Since version 1.0.3, ispCP provides an update script that can be used both for migrate to a new ispCP version and for regenerate all configuration files such as apache vhost files, bind files… This is utile when you have completely destroyed your system by changing manually one or more configuration files and that your system is in unworkable state.

When you run the ispcp-update script, all your manually changes are removed and then, all configuration files are regenerated by using ispCP default package configuration files templates.

Note that if you have changed manually the ispCP templates, you should take care about possible syntax errors.

To regenerate all your configuration files, you must process like this:

Howto regenerate the config files (ispCP versions prior to 1.0.3)

Modifying the template files in parts/ is not enough to apply the modification to existing domains. The config files of the affected services have to be regenerated. The following steps will guide you through the process

1. Stop ispCP daemon

2. Log into MySQL

It will prompt for the password.

3. Set to regenerate

In the mysql promtp enter:

To regenerate all the domains configs:

To regenerate all the subdomains configs:

To regenerate all the aliases configs:

To regenerate all aliases subdomain configs:

To regenerate all the emails configs:

4. Quit mysql

5. Process the request

6. Start ispCP Daemon


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